Goldcrest Series

Goldcrest pneumatic beveling machines are designed for huge numbers of small dia. pipes. The machine works by the means of ID mounted Pneumatic clamping and driving. Manual feeding and Auto feeding both are available and it is optional and it can be used to for face beveling or the time of tube removal. These machines can be widely used for pipe facing and beveling, eg.heat exchanger, water wall, power plant, pharmacy, brewing, refrigeration and so on with the feature of light weight, easy operation, high efficiency.


  • Cold cutting without affecting the material of the pipes
  • ID mounted with fast clamping
  • Manual and auto feeding functions
  • Fast feeding and retracting ensure few minutes to facing
  • Removal of extra length pipe, weld seam, fast facing and beveling
  • Working range: ID 12mm-40mm.
  • Applicable to end facing of various grades of metal pipes CS,SS and alloy steel

Contextual Classes

Para Model Goldcrest 24 Goldcrest 24 A Goldcrest 48 Goldcrest 48A
Feeding Manual Auto Manual Auto
Working range Φ12.4-24mm Φ12.4-24mm Φ20-48mm Φ20-48mm
Feeding stoke 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
Max thickness 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
No-load speed 300rpm 300rpm 300rpm 300rpm
Torque 50Nm 50Nm 50Nm 50Nm
Power 1.3HP 1.3HP 1.3HP 1.3HP
Air requirement 1500-2000L/min @0.63-0.8Mpa 1500-2000L/min @0.63-0.8Mpa 1500-2000L/min @0.63-0.8Mpa 1500-2000L/min @0.63-0.8Mpa
Machine body Max width 59mm 59mm 59mm 59mm
Weight 7KG 12KG 8KG 13KG

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