Magnetic Drilling Machines

Magnetic drill is a kind of electric tool for adhering and drilling on the horizontal level, side face and top face and widely used in the building, bridge building and ship building industries. You can use the magnetic drill when you cannot use drill press and electric hand drill to drill huge steel work pieces or in field operation. These machines are convenient, small and able to improve the machining accuracy efficiency. It has velocity-adjustable characteristic of constant power, over-loading protection and infinitely viable speed transmission.


  • High power with small size and light weight.
  • Constant power soft-starting and electric step less speed-regulation.
  • Over-loading protection using electric speed-regulation.
  • High adhesion

Contextual Classes

Product model FOX CUB 38 FOX TAP 36 FOX TAP 48 FOX Auto 50 FOX 68 FOX 98
Core drill dia. 38 Φ36 MM Φ48 MM Φ50 MM Φ60 MM Φ98 MM
Twist drill dia. - Φ18 MM Φ22 MM - Φ23 MM Φ28 MM
Max tapping dia. - M18 M22 - - -
Rated voltage 110/220v 110/220v 110/220v 110/220v 110/220v 110/220v
Max. attraction 14500 N 14200 N 14500 N 16500 N 17000 N 17000 N
Rated frequency 50~60hz 50~60hz 50~60hz 50~60hz 50~60hz 50~60hz
Rated input power 1650 W 1550 W 1700 W 1700 W 1890 W 2190 W
Speed 670 rpm 100-270/520rpm 100-260/480 rpm 280/510 rpm 100-440 rpm 100-340 rpm

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