Motmot Series

‘Motmot’ OD mounted pipe beveling machines are designed for the end beveling of narrow working site projects and small diameter of pipe. These OD mounted machines are easy to operate and install. These are widely used in manufacturing of water wall, fins, boiler economizer, super heater, repeater, power plants and other industries.

Beveling Shape



  • Cold cutting, without affecting the material of the pipe
  • OD mounted, self-centering, secured clamping, easy to operate
  • Aluminum body so as to be lighter in weight.
  • 5 models which has 8mm to 108mm working range
  • Optional special tool bit can be used for pipe ID
  • Pneumatic and Electric option are available


  • Stable Performance
  • Electric requirement:220-230V 1PH 50/60HZ
  • Power:1.43KW


  • Stable Performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Air requirement: 1500-2000L/min @0.63- 0.8Mpa
  • Power:2HP

Contextual Classes

Model Range OD (mm) thickness (mm) Rotating Speed (rpm) Tool stroke (mm) pipe length (mm)
Motmot P53 Ф8~53 ≤8 0-58 11 ≥60
Motmot P63 Ф20~63 ≤12 0-55 11 ≥70
Motmot P73 Ф25~73 ≤12 0-54 11 ≥70
Motmot P83 Ф30~83 ≤12 0-43 11 ≥70
Motmot P108 Ф50~108 ≤12 0-42 11 ≥70

Clamping Block

Model 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Motmot 53 Φ8 Φ10 Φ12 Φ14 Φ16 Φ18 Φ20 Φ22 Φ25 Φ28 Φ32 Φ38 Φ42 Φ44.5 Φ48 Φ51 Φ53
Motmot 63 Φ20 Φ22 Φ25.4 Φ28 Φ32 Φ38 Φ42 Φ44.5 Φ48 Φ51 Φ54 Φ57 Φ60 Φ63
Motmot 73 Φ25.4 Φ28 Φ32 Φ38 Φ42 Φ44.5 Φ48 Φ51 Φ57 Φ60 Φ63 Φ68 Φ70 Φ73
Motmot 83 Φ25.4 Φ28 Φ32 Φ38 Φ42 Φ44.5 Φ48 Φ51 Φ57 Φ60 Φ63 Φ68 Φ70 Φ73 Φ76 Φ83
Motmot 108 Φ50 Φ54 Φ57 Φ60 Φ63 Φ68 Φ70 Φ73 Φ76 Φ83 Φ89 Φ95 Φ108

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