Pipe Threading Machine

Electric Pipe Threading Machine for BSPT or NPT Threading operation compatible up to 1/4"- 4" This machine is to perform threading operations for various water, electric or gas pipes which has range from 1/4" – 4" which is to be choose according to the actual requirement. It is efficient and can be widely used in other equipment’s installation and also, in construction industries. It is an ideal device for increasing efficiency of ground staff as well as it helps to reduce construction time, improves construction quality.


  • An induction motor ensures sound levels well when using.
  • A special capacitor-start / capacitor run motor allows the machine to thread where voltage drop is experienced.
  • Easy and fast transport and set-up
  • It can be also work on workbench
  • Casting : Aluminum
  • Constant oil flow through the head with an integral oil reservoir, Self-Priming, Constant-Flow
  • Semi-auto type
  • Chuck: Hammer type with replaceable, rocker-action jaw inserts
  • Rear centering device: Cam action

Contextual Classes

Threader-1 Threader-2 Threader-3
750 W motor, 110V or 220V, 50-60Hz 900 W motor, 110V or 220V, 50-60Hz 1500 W motor, 110V or 220V, 50-60Hz
27 RPM 26 RPM 36 RPM
Std Alloy Dies Std Alloy Dies Std HSS Dies

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