Sparrow And Ostrich Series

ID Mounted machines can face and bevel wide range of pipes. The machine adopts "T" shape structure design to realize the minimal radial working space. It is portable and can be used on-site with its optimum level of working ability. The machine is applicable to end face machining of various grades of metal pipes such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. It is widely applied in heavy type pipe lines of Petroleum, chemical natural gas, power plants, boiler fabrication and nuclear power.

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Tools Geometry


  • Cold cutting without influence the material of the pipe
  • ID mounted, adopt T body line with lighter weight
  • Varity of beveling shape: U, Single-V, double-V,J beveling
  • It can also be used for repairing inner wall and deep hole processing.
  • Std. working range:12.5- 330mm OD
  • Prime mover options: Pneumatic and Electric
  • Customized machine is available

Pneumatic Option

  • Pneumatic motor drive, air pressure 0.8 ~ 1.0Mpa, air consumption 1500 ~ 3500L / min;

Electric Option

  • Electric motor drive, power 110V or 220V optional, power: 1.7-2.2KW, frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz; Metabo/ Bosch Motor available as per requirement

Contextual Classes

Model Electric (E) Working range ID (mm) Wall thickness (mm)
Little Sparrow 1 Ф12.5-28 1-3
Sparrow 8 Ф28-76 1-15
Sparrow 12 Ф40-105 3-20
Sparrow 30 Ф114-300 5-20
Sparrow 60 Ф254-600 6-20
Sparrow 78 Ф335-780 6-25
Ostrich E 6 Ф60-170 ≤ 20
Ostrich E 12 Ф150-330 ≤ 20
Ostrich E 24 Ф300-600 ≤ 20
Ostrich E 8 Ф80-273 ≤ 15

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